[All Homemade] 


Cheesecake of the day

Biscuit base, ice-cream 6

Individual Tart,

shortcrust pastry, sorbet 6

Chocolate & Toffee sundae

brownie pieces, toffee sauce, ice-cream & cream 7

Warm chocolate brownie

chocolate sauce, nutty ice-cream 6


served with homemade shortbread – ask for today’s flavour 6

Sheila’s Sticky toffee pudding

toffee sauce maple & walnut ice-cream 6Ice-cream or sorbet selection

Ice Cream or Sorbet selection

1 scoop £2, 2 scoop £4, 3 scoop £5

strawberry, vanilla, mint choc chip, chocolate, peanut butter, salted caramel ice cream;

apple, pomegranate, lemon, mango, raspberry, blackcurrant sorbets.

See blackboards for any specials
*please advise us of any dietary requirements and we will do our very best to cater for you.


Coffees & Hot Drinks

Add a shot of flavoured syrup 50p

Liqueur coffee Choose from: Baileys, Brandy, Cointreau, Irish whiskey, Tia Maria 5                     

Single espresso intense coffee with rich golden crema 2                                                                

Double espresso Double shot of intense coffee, rich golden crema 2.50                                                  

Black coffee Espresso coffee based, simply served 2.25                                                                                  

White coffee Espresso coffee based, simply served with hot milk 2.25                                             

Cappuccino Espresso coffee with both steamed and foamed milk 2.50                                                  

Latte macchiato Rich layered espresso coffee with steamed milk 2.50                                                    

English Tea A bright and full bodied amber tea 2                                                                                   

Herbal Infusions Choose from: Peppermint, chamomile, fruited etc 2                                                

Hot chocolate Delicious milk based hot chocolate 2.75 – Add marshmallows & cream 3