[All Homemade] 


Treacle tart custard 6

Rich chocolate brownie salted caramel ice-cream 6

Sheila’s Sticky toffee pudding Maple & walnut ice-cream, toffee sauce 6

Chocolate brownie sundae ice-cream, whipped cream brownie pieces & sauce 7.95

Cheesecake of the day vanilla ice-cream 6

Raspberry posset raspberry sorbet & homemade shortbread 6

Apple & mincemeat jalousie custard 6

Ice Cream or Sorbet selection

1 scoop £2, 2 scoop £4, 3 scoop £5

wild strawberry, vanilla, mint choc chip, chocolate, salted caramel, maple & walnut, toffee & fudge ice cream;

apple, pomegranate, lemon, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, elderflower sorbets.

See blackboards for any specials
*please advise us of any dietary requirements and we will do our very best to cater for you.


Coffees & Hot Drinks

Add a shot of flavoured syrup 50p

Liqueur coffee Choose from: Baileys, Brandy, Cointreau, Irish whiskey, Tia Maria 5.50                     

Single ristretto small intense coffee with rich golden crema 2                                                                

Espresso Double shot of intense coffee, rich golden crema 2.50                                                  

Black coffee Espresso coffee based, simply served 2                                                                                  

Flat White coffee Espresso coffee based, simply served with hot milk 2                                             

Cappuccino Espresso coffee with both steamed and foamed milk 2.25                                                  

Caffe Latte Rich layered espresso coffee with steamed milk 2.25                                                    

English Tea A bright and full bodied amber tea 2                                                                                   

Herbal Infusions Choose from: Peppermint, chamomile, fruited etc 2                                                

Hot chocolate Delicious milk based hot chocolate 3 – Add marshmallows & cream 3.25